Julia Potter

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Julia Potter
Melbourne Conservatorium of Music


Julia is currently in her Honours year at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. Awarded the Esther Rofe Composition Award in 2017, Julia’s commissioned works have included: an orchestral work for the Melbourne University Symphony Orchestra, two mixed quintets for the Ian Potter Museum of Art, dance music for the Victorian College of the Arts dance student projects, and liturgical music for Brunswick Uniting Church. In 2017 Julia completed an internship at the Australian Ballet Company, and she has recently been shortlisted for the Athenaeum Club Music Composition Competition. During her studies of Composition at Melbourne Conservatorium, Julia has studied with teachers Katy Abbott Kvasnica, Elliott Gyger and, this semester, is learning with Stuart Greenbaum. Julia has a particular interest in writing for classical and contemporary dance, having studied ballet since age six. Together with her love for movement and beauty of melody, Julia seeks to create music with a sense of contour and flow.

About the Piece: 

Unfurling aims to create the atmosphere that only the very beginning of Spring can bring. The unfurling of vines and petals, the joy and wonder of new beginnings, a feeling of lightness and anticipation.

This piece is approximately 7 minutes in length.

Unfurling was first performed and workshopped on the 6th of October 2017 at Melbourne Conservatorium of Music by Syzygy Ensemble.

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