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Jung-Tsung Chiang
San Francisco Conservatory of Music


ZONG Chiang is a multi-talented composer, a rarity in the contemporary music scene of the Chinese-speaking world, known to many as a rising star of Asia. ZONG’s firm classical music background complements his high-energy, easily recognizable style present in both his compositions and performances. His youthful curiosity enables ZONG to grasp, decode, and enjoy musical trends with ease and grace, helping him weave the delicate and popular melodies that have captivated the ears and hearts of many. In 2014, ZONG was invited by Shanghai’s Mayor and Minister of Education to perform in the 12th National Student Sports Meet Opening Ceremony. ZONG’s compositions were not only recorded in advance by the city’s most renowned orchestra, the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, ZONG also performed as its leading pianist during the ceremony, alongside 34 other talented pianists selected from all over China. Additionally, ZONG’s lively performance was broadcasted on China Central Television(CCTV), reaching a broad audience.

ZONG’s work has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in both the realm of advertising score, as well as the vaunted market of original compositions. ZONG cooperated several times with Zhang Jing-Kai, a famous make-up artist in Asia, composing original music for Zhang’s brand KAI DELUXE. Additionally, ZONG has also contributed music to numerous Golden Bell Award-nominated television and radio productions. In 2016, ZONG made his film score debut: invited by the 3D documentary film director Charlie Chu, ZONG provided a soundtrack to Chu’s film, Bright Torch 3D. The film was a runaway hit, receiving the award of Best 3D Picture at the 8th 3D Korea International Film Festival, 3Dkiff Feature Film, as well as winning Best 3D Picture at the AIS China Awards. The soundtrack is included in ZONG’s 2016 album, The Power of Civilization. The long-play album represents ZONG’s loving tribute to director Chu’s perseverance, dedication, and the ways in which Chu embodies the spirit of a true artisan.

In 2017, ZONG worked with the modern art master Lee Shi-Chi, they published an album “Fantastic Art Symphony”, and hold an exhibition at China Art Museum, Shanghai. ZONG also composed for the new TV series “The Legend of Zu II” (producer Nicky Wu/Wu Qi-long). ZONG also took place his first global intercollegiate tour concert, from San Francisco, Shanghai to Taipei. He performed “The Grand Renaissance” in four concerts. And it was the first time that his new work “Gray Territory” was released in Taipei. ZONG’s remarkable musical talent and lively performance was broadcasted on Taipei’s USTV, and boarded YAHOO video news, as well as China’s major online media.

Propelled by a hunger to explore the possibilities of aesthetic endeavors, ZONG continues to release music over all mediums and formats, in anticipation towards sharing ideas and collaborating with talented and passionate artists from all over the world. A renaissance of magnificence waits ahead, for ZONG and for us – his captive audience.

About the piece:

Title: The Great Renaissance

The inspiration of this song comes from Renaissance. As if we are back in 14th and 15th century, where the royals and priests were hidden in their cloaks, wandering in the lost paths of the woods. The song is curious and enigmatical. ZONG prefers to create the effect of syncopation with string music, engendering a great momentum. The first half of the song is heavy in orchestral music. Pulling string instruments to the foreground and pushing wind instruments to the background, ZONG enhances the mystic aura. Special sound effects enter the scene from the left and right spontaneously, as if the cloaks flutter while the wind blows. Then the ancient bell rings into the imagery scene. With the voice of the choir, the song reaches the serenity of Gregorian chant. Yet, the song never loses the touch of the modern.

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