Seong Yun Kang

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Seong Yun Kang
Seoul National University


2011-2015 – Kyewon Arts Middle School and High School; Piano Major
2016 – Graduated from Kyewon Arts High School; Music Composition Major
2016 – Enrolled in Seoul National University School of Music, Music Composition Department, Composition Major

2012 – Won 2nd place in the 16th Korean Piano Society Competition (1st place was not chosen)
2013 – Won 2nd place in the 1st Mozart Korea Music Competition, Piano Division
2014 – Selected as Best Student by Yeoneum Piano Association and gave accompanied performances
2015 – Won 1st place in Kyewon Competition, Chamber Music Division
2015 – Won 2nd place in Kyewon Competition, Music Composition Division
2017 – Worked as music arranger for the 1st Huddling Youth Choir Festival

About the piece:

[Baroque the…]

1. Baroque the Barroco for 2 Pianos

‘Barroco’, the Portuguese word which is the origin of ‘Baroque’, was originally a professional term used by Iberian jewelers from the medieval period referring to disfigured pearls. This piece embodies a ‘barroco’-like style of Baroque artwork – in other words, it depicts distortions and twists.

2. Baroque the Arabesque for Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon and Piano

‘Arabesque’ means ‘Arabic’ or ‘Arab Style’. In the field of art, it refers to unique decorative patterns which connect flowers, fruits and other Islamic art-styled motives with elegant curves; in the field of music, it refers to music pieces which unfolds a single theme with fancy decorations. The liberal character of musical improvisation using Baroque-style grace notes and minimal order clearly incorporates Baroque’s apparent and integral characteristics. This piece will be used to reinterpret the term ‘Baroquerie’ in a modern way.

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