Festival 2019

Sounding Now: A Festival of Contemporary Musical Practices

Sounding Now is a festival of contemporary music that brings together divergent contemporary practices with the goal of connecting people from different artistic communities in order to explore the ways their shared interests intersect. Presented by the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, the festival brings together contemporary music of different approaches – concert music, installation, electronics, and improvisation.

Singapore-based contemporary music ensembles OpusNovus, Wu Xian, the Chinese chamber ensemble Ding Yi Music Company and US-based Passepartout Duo will perform. Saxophone Duo Landman/Stadler from Switzerland will be the ensemble-in-residence.

Learn more about the participating artists here.

The festival takes place from 12-14 April 2019 and is presented by Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music.

These events are sponsored by the following institutions.

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YONG SIEW TOH CONSERVATORY (YST), 3 Conservatory Dr, Singapore 117376

CD Presentation Necessità D’Interrogare Il Cielo

Patrick Stadler

Friday, 12 April @ YST, Recital Studio, 11:30am 

Patrick Stadler performs excerpts of the cycle for soprano saxophone solo by Giorgio Netti

Become Your Own Patron with David Smith – Passepartout Duo’s Presentation 


Friday, 12 April @ YST, Seminar Room 6, 2:00pm 

Is right now the best time in history to be making music? Passepartout Duo discusses who they are, what they do, and what it means to be an independent artist making music in 2019.

Music for …

Friday, 12 April @ YST, Orchestra Hall, 7:30pm

performed by
Bani Haykal
Landman/Stadler Saxophone Duo (Switzerland)
OpusNovus (Singapore)
Wu Xian (Singapore)


Martin Jaggi (*1978)

Martin Jaggi & Bani Haykal Improvisation

Peter Ivan Edwards (*1973)


John Cage: Journeys in Sound Documentary


John Cage (1912 – 1992) 
Music For… (1984 – 87) for large ensemble

Generation Next

Saturday, 13 April @ YST, Orchestra Hall, 3:00pm

performed by
Landman/Stadler Saxophone Duo (Switzerland)
Carolin Ralser, flute
Christoph Wichert, bassoon
Lee Shi Mei, violin
Liu Yunbei, cello\


Stevie J. Sutanto (*1992)
A Sketch of Two (2018) for bassoon and electronics

Cliff Tan (BMus1)
Looking for the Self for alto and tenor saxophones

Ilysia Tan (BMus2)
1 + 1 = 1 for alto and tenor saxophones

Lim Wen Liang (BMus2)
Study Piece for alto saxophone, tenor saxophone and electronics

Henri Dutilleux (1916 – 2013)
3 Strophes sur le Nom de Sacher (1976) for cello solo

Kong Tze Shiuan (BMus2)
silence… is virtue for violin and tenor saxophone

Christopher Sim (BMus2)
Quiet Night Thought for flute, alto saxophone (doubling on tenor saxophone), and violin



Saturday, 13 April @ YST, Concert Hall, 4:30pm

performed by
Wu Xian
Martin Jaggi, cello
Jongah Yoon, piano


Das Bliesheimer Kreuz: A Documentary on Bernd Alois Zimmermann

Bernd Alois Zimmermann (1918 – 1970) 
Intercomunicazione (1967) for cello and piano


Saturday, 13 April @ YST, Orchestra Hall, 7:30pm

performed by
Landman/Stadler Saxophone Duo (Switzerland)
OpusNovus (Singapore)
Wu Xian (Singapore)


György Kurtág (*1926)
Wind Quintet (1959)

Giacinto Scelsi (1905 – 1988)
Kshara (1975) for 2 double basses (10′)

Matias Far
El poeta/en 7 letras, una de ellas releida (2012-2013) for two saxophones

Anna Thorvaldsdottir (*1977)
Sequences (2016) for bass flute, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone and contrabassoon

György Kurtág (*1926)
12 Microludes (1977) for string quartet

Chen Yi (*1953)
The Han Figurines (2006) for violin, Bb clarinet, Bb tenor saxophone, double bass, piano, and percussion.


Saturday, 13 April @ YST FOYER, 9:00pm


A 60-minute immersive improvisation with a collection of the best experimental improvisers from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in the expansive foyer of the YST conservatory.

Ty Constant, percussion (YSTCM)
Peter Edwards , electronics (YSTCM)
Bani Haykal, electronics (YSTCM)
Martin Jaggi, electric cello (YSTCM)
Max Riefer, percussion (UiTM & YSTCM)
Aya Sekine, keyboard
Nur Suhaili Binte Safari Wijaya, vocal
Lai Yu Tong, electric guitar
Patrick Stadler, saxophone (Landman/Stadler Duo)
Geoffrey Landman, saxophone (Landman/Stadler Duo)



Sunday, 14 April @ YST, Orchestra Hall, 3:00pm

performed by
Ding Yi (Singapore)
Chin Yen Chong (Concert master), huqin
Ong Jie Ying, dizi
Fred Chan, huqin
Yvonne Tay, guzheng
Low Feng Hua, percussion
Chua Yew Kok, pipa
Jonathan Ngeow, ruan
Ng Swee Kiat, sheng  

Jiangnan Silk and Bamboo
《欢乐歌》Song of Joy 
for dizi, sheng, erhu/huqin, ruan and percussion

John Cage (1912 – 1992)
Five (1991) for dizi, sheng, erhu/huqin, ruan and percussion

《渔舟唱晚》Fisherman’s Song at Dusk for erhu/huqin, pipa and guzheng

Earle Brown (1926 – 2002)
4 Systems (1954) for erhu/huqin, pipa and guzheng

Likie Low (BMus1)
Mindfulness for erhu, pipa, daruan and percussion

Tai Yun Ming (BMus1)
梦 for dizi, zhonghu, zhongyin sheng and guzheng

Zhou Long (*1953)
Mount a Long Wind (2004) for dizi, erhu, pipa, guzheng and percussion

Ho Chee Kong (*1963)
Transient (world premiere)


Sunday, 14 April @ YST, Concert Hall, 4:30pm

performed by
Passepartout Duo
Christopher Salvito, percussion
Nicoletta Favari, piano 


Florent Ghys 
Poor Margie

Andy Akiho (*1979)
Stop Speaking

Terry Riley (*1935)
Dorian Reeds

Vanissa Law
Red Sheep

Adeline Wong (*1975)

Marta Forsberg
Gentle acts


Sunday, 14 April @ YST, Orchestra Hall, 7:30pm

performed by
Landman/Stadler Saxophone Duo (Switzerland)
OpusNovus (Singapore)
Wu Xian (Singapore)


Jürg Frey (*1953)
Two instruments (1998) for saxophone and timpani

Paul Clift (*1978)
duet/anagram (2015) for two saxophones and electronics

Chow Jun Yan (*1984)
(De)(Re)-Construction (2019) for cello, percussion, piano and electronics

Richard Carrick (*1971)
Family Resemblances (1997, revised 2012) for saxophone, piano, and percussion

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