Christine Natalie



Christine Natalie is studying under the tutelage of Peter Edwards at the YSTCM Conservatory of Music Singapore. She is a composer; she plays the electone and piano. She was born in Indonesia, a country abundantly blessed with natural resources, coconut and palm trees amongst which, she absolutely adore. Bali has been her sanctuary where she frequent for years, where she finds her spiritual balance restored in the midst of lush greenery in Ubud and swish of waves of the Indian Ocean. She has always been intrigued about mystical heritage that had been engrained deeply in every corner of the island. She is intrigued by expressionism; abstract and mystery. She utilises contrast to express urgency and sense of drama. Conceptually, she has been exploring texture through the concept of mosaic pattern, where motivic ideas are being controlled and re-functioned, then arranged in different forms and perspective. This is similarly related to the idea of fabric, given her love for fashion.

About the Piece:

Frankenstein for string quartet

I dreamt about a monster Frankenstein, whose seemingly violent façade obscures a big heart that is desperately searching for love. He was punished by the guardian of humankind – scorched to untraceable ashes. The fallacy was cracked for justice as they found the ethereal fountain of clemency, kindness, and compassion built for them by him, that are able to save callous humans from losing their souls to darkness and greed. The depth of human emotion has always been an enigma – there is a force human can not deny themselves from feeling. Also, perceptions could mislead.

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