Ding Jian Han



Ding Jian Han is a Singaporean composer. His current compositional style draws inspiration from his varied non-musical interests and he uses these ideas and concepts to formulate new sounds and textures in his music. Recent examples of this include adapting Hollywood action film editing techniques, more specifically from Jason Bourne series onwards, to his composition Liman and drawing inspiration from human’s perception of memories for his piano duo When Mind and Sound Disinteg… (In Memory of my own Memory). Some personal highlights of his include attending a semester exchange programme at the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media, and having the premiere of his orchestra piece “Let me run ’til I fade away.” by the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory Orchestra at the 2018 YST Conservatory Concerto Competition. His principal composition teachers include Martin Jaggi and Peter Ivan Edwards. Jian Han enjoys songwriting and playing basketball as well, and has composed and arranged music for two full-length musicals.

About the Piece:

Dedicated to my friends Gabriel Hoe and Nhi Khanh, When Mind and Sound Disinteg… (In Memory of my own Memory) started from a thought one day, that memories actually exists in many different forms. Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night and experience a flash of your childhood which you may never think of on a normal circumstance. Sometimes when you are dozing off in a long lecture, your mind just wanders off and remembers something more interesting. Sometimes, memories distort into hazy images when you try to recall something distant or displeasing; and appear as a clear portrait as you reminisce the best times of your life. In this piece I re-imagine all of these, through piano strings harmonics, which create flashes of sounds; through noodling tremolos to shape dreamy textures; through quick shifts between erratic and linear piano writing; and through certain familiar music, which have a deeper connection to my own memory.

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