James Fuller



James Fuller is a Sydney based musician, performing on guitar and keyboards as well as arranging, composing and producing. James arranges and composes for chamber ensembles, combos and for larger media such as big band and orchestra. He also frequently performs in the contemporary music idiom on a national and international level.

A current student of The Sydney Conservatorium of Music in Sydney, James graduated from high school with near perfect marks in Music 2 and Extension and currently studies under many Australian music greats such as Carl Vine, Paul Stanhope, Judy Bailey and MaO McMahon as well as German composer Florian Ross. His compositional body of work ranges from film scores to avant garde contemporary classical to jazz swing and pop and rock music.

About the Piece:

Colour Wheel was written in 2017 as a kind of one dimensional exploration of the harmonic possibilities of a string quintet. Coming from a jazz background, i’ve always been interested in applying principles of functional abstraction and colour tones in the context of strong horizontal part writing, as seen in classical music to a great extent. The resulting piece I feel occupies a niche in new music that doesn’t feel especially radical, but definitely challenges the conventions of something so fundamental to all music; harmony.

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