Khongchai Greesuradej



Born 1st Aug 1997, Khongchai Greesuradej is an undergrad student at Princess Galyani Vadhana Institute of Music in Thailand. His music started when he was only 3 years old at Aum-Aree Music school, when his dad took him to his first ever violin lesson. His interest in music composition didn’t begin until a year after he had been accepted into College of Music, Mahidol University in 2012, where he studied with Dr. James Ogburn, with whom he was taught for a year and a half before began studying the art of music composition on his own.

So far, he has collaborated with for from a few countries, such as Israel, Germany, USA, Russia and Thailand. And in 2019, he has published his 2nd public album, Brunette, which is a collection of most of his recent works.

About the Piece:

This was the very first song I have ever written in my life. Originally, it was going to be a simple instrumental piece, but a good friend of mine, an Israeli-born American violinist, Ariella Zeitlin-Hoffman, who could also sing, had been showing interest in collaborating on my original composition for a while (prior to this, our collaborations were solely arrangements) and so I had this idea to add lyrics to my own works and Shine was the simplest piece I was working on at that moment so I just went with it, composed simple lyrics about the moon and voila, my first ever song.

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