Lee Jia Yi



Lee Jia Yi (b. 1996) is a Singaporean composer currently pursuing her Bachelor of Music degree at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, under a full scholarship. She is a fourth-year composition student currently studying with A/P Ho Chee Kong. In 2018, she completed an exchange semester at Peabody Institute, studying with Felipe Lara.

Jia Yi’s music often explores the use of a single gesture as the basis of constructing her pieces, resulting in music with an emphasis on colourful textures and structure. She is currently interested in the physical properties of sound, specifically timbre and resonance, which is the theme of her Final Year Project. Some of her pieces also explore indeterminacy, where some aspects of the music (e.g. order of entrances, rhythm) are left to the performers’ decisions.

Jia Yi’s compositions have been performed both locally and internationally, in Vietnam, Italy, Croatia and the United States; she has also worked with Ensemble Multilatérale (Paris), Trio SurPlus (Freiburg) and Ensemble Phoenix (Basel). Recently, she was commissioned by the Singapore National Youth Orchestra and her orchestra piece Bloom was performed in Singapore as well as on their concert tour to Guangzhou and Hong Kong, as part of the Asia-Pacific Youth Symphony Orchestra Festival 2018.

Apart from composing, Jia Yi plays the trumpet. She also regularly conducts her own pieces and is currently studying conducting under A/P Jason Lai.

About the Piece:

silhouettes explores the shapes and characteristics of a sound envelope, which consists of the attack, decay, sustain and release. These characteristics are split up and distributed across instruments, or altered to form new sound envelopes, resulting in different timbres and resonances.


This piece also explores indeterminacy, in which performers are given the chance to make decisions about the music, in terms of the order of fragments or notes they play. Similar to a silhouette, these indeterminate sections act like a shadow of the notated ones.


This piece is part of my Final Year Project, which consists of a set of 3 pieces that have an overall theme of exploring timbre and resonance. silhouettes, which is the first piece in the set, specifically focuses on the abstraction of the individual components of sound and orchestrating them into a sextet.

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