Rhys Little



Rhys Little (b.1998) is a Sydney Based composer, performer and conductor with a young but packed-full career in many sides of the music industry. An alumni of the Conservatorium High School, he is currently studying composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (University of Sydney).

Rhys has performed and worked with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Sydney Philharmonia Choirs, Sydney Chamber Opera, Sydney Conservatorium Wind Symphony, Choir and Orchestra

Conducting is a major part of Rhys’ musical life, with extensive experience in orchestral, chamber and choral conducting. He has studied under Caroline Watson (2011-2015), Christopher Seaman (Symphony Services International Scholar Conductors, 2013-2014), George Ellis (Sydney Conservatorium of Music, 2017-2018), Richard Gill AO (Sydney Sinfonietta Workshop 2014), Jack Symonds (Sydney Chamber Opera, 2011-Current) and Réka Csernyik (2018). Rhys is currently Assistant Conductor of the brand new A La La Chamber Choir under Réka Csernyik.

Rhys is also a founding member of the student-run Konzertprojekt composer-performer collective, dedicated to performing new and old music, and to reworking the entire musical experience in fresh and inventive ways.

Rhys is a vanguard of the new generation of ‘classical’ musicians, intent on making art music once again relevant in our contemporary culture.

About the piece:

This piece attempts to weave a conciseness out of itself; to create psychological as well as harmonic resonance. The soloist wanders through their self-harmonised trains of thought, acutely, breathlessly aware of their solitude. They play in shades of the unrealised tonality which defines the emotional landscape of the piece.


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