Stephen Webb



Stephen Webb is a composer and performance artist currently based in Helsinki, Finland. The United States native has been active in both the concert and gallery settings, staging works in various venues such as Chicago’s New Blood Performance Festival and Flow Festival Helsinki. In 2017, he received a fellowship from the American-Scandinavian Foundation for research on the state of contemporary music in Finland. Since then, the composer has worked with Finland-based defunensemble and has an upcoming project with the Helsinki Chamber Choir.

Stephen holds a BA in Musical Arts from the Chicago College of Performing Arts and is currently a candidate for the Masters in Music degree at the Sibelius Academy. He has also completed course work in live art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and at the Theatre Academy in Helsinki.

About the Piece:

For this particular work I think it is important I keep my program note brief. What you are about to experience is the recontextualization of a speech given by British-American philosopher Alan Watts. The title Triptych refers to three of his words I wish to bring to your attention, namely: try, I, and love. The work is scored for bass flute, piccolo, bass clarinet, and Bb clarinet.

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